Your support has contributed to over £1 million in donations to charity last year!

As you will likely know by now, 100% of profits generated by our business go directly to our parent company & charity Newground Together.

In 2020/21, your support has directly contributed to a donation of £734,000 to Newground Together. With the additional contribution of £300,000 from other sources, we’re extremely pleased to announce over £1.1 million has been donated to our charity this year.

This has set Newground Together well on its way to achieving its goal to empower people to create sustainable communities that are connected, resilient, healthy and prosperous and achieve our ambition; better lives, and opportunities for our communities.

Through the pandemic, the work of the charity has been more vital than ever before. Here is just a small selection of the many things we’ve achieved with your financial support throughout 2020/21.

  • 5,522 meals provided to the community.
  • Over 2,200 hours of crisis support for young people.
  • 2,012 emergency fuel vouchers distributed (£80,559 total value)
  • 195 young people supported with employment, education & training.
  • 182 people supported into jobs across all our employment programmes.236 outdoor activity sessions.

So what next?

In 2021/22, Newground Together aims to develop and grow activities that have a positive social impact. The key focus areas are as follows:

To support people into employment or enhance their position in work.
To engage people in the natural environment.
To make the neighbourhood where we operate better places to live.