Environmental Aspects Register

Included with the environment legal register to support the environmental aspects requirements of ISO 14001

Caring for the Earth

Our environmental legal register includes the option for organisations to build a bespoke environmental aspects register.

The aspects register is designed to be compatible with the aspects requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental management systems standard. Whether you want to develop an environmental aspects register from scratch or you need a tool to review and update your existing register, The Compliance People can help.

The environmental aspects register provides you with the ability to:

  • Record relevant environmental aspects under normal, abnormal and emergency situations
  • Group environmental aspects into categories for easy management
  • Assign environmental aspects to relevant life cycle stages
  • Record the environmental impacts associated with each environmental aspect
  • Link environmental aspects to relevant compliance obligations in your legal register
  • Design criteria for evaluating the significance of environmental aspects, highlighting significant aspects
  • View a history of each aspect, including details of changes to control measures and the significance score
  • Document explanatory notes when evaluating aspects for significance to justify the evaluation process
  • Upload relevant documents associated with environmental aspects
  • Link risks and opportunities and environmental objectives with significant environmental aspects

Maintain documented information of:

  • Environmental aspects and impacts

  • Life cycle consideration

  • Significance criteria

  • Significant environmental aspects

  • Associated risks and opportunities

  • Associated environmental objectives

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