Waste Duty of Care Services

Duty of care legislation applies to every organisation in the UK which produces, handles or controls waste. Let us support you.

Looking for waste duty of care training?

Waste Duty of care legislation applies to every organisation in the UK which produces, handles or controls waste. Organisations have a duty to ensure that any waste it produces is collected by an authorised waste carrier and sent to an authorised site. The Compliance People are here to help you meet these obligations and can provide a range of services to support your business with this.


Services include:

Waste duty of care checks  

One of our experienced consultants can act as the competent person for your organisation and help to ensure you are compliant with your duty of care. Depending on your requirements, we can check on your behalf that: 

  • All waste contractors collecting waste from your premises are registered with the Environment Agency as an authorised waste carrier. 
  • The recovery or disposal sites each waste stream is being taken to holds an appropriate waste permit or exemption authorising the acceptance of that waste type. 
  • There are no ongoing compliance issues, or outstanding enforcement actions being taken by environmental regulators against the waste contractors being used. 
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Waste Duty of Care Waste Coaching 

An experienced consultant will work with your organisation to ensure that you are confident in meeting your duty of care obligations. We will support you to understand what the requirements look like in a business scenario and how to ensure compliance. This will involve coaching with staff on how to check waste contractors are authorised to transport waste and accept it at site, and how to record such checks have been conducted. We can also support with writing waste procedures or offer other bespoke support services dependant on your requirements.  


Waste Duty of Care Waste Contractor Audits 

We are able to offer onsite duty of care audits at waste contractor sites to ensure that where your organisation is sending its waste is compliance with waste legislation. We will ensure that the waste streams you are sending to each facility are authorised to be accepted there, that the operator is compliant with the environmental permit in place and that the site is managing your waste in an environmentally responsible manner. The audits can also be tailored to your bespoke business needs and consider other factors such as onsite health and safety, if required. The consultant auditing each site will provide a full audit report of the findings.  

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We found the service invaluable to ensure that all permit conditions were met before the regulatory visits. It allowed us to understand each condition within the permit, what to expect during the audit and to plan and implement all the advice the consultant gave us during the permitting support day. It was of great benefit to us and led to no permit non-conformances on our first official audit.

Surface Transforms PLC

We identified that solvent use within the business needed further investigation to establish if we required an environmental permit. We put the problem to the consultant, and we received an answer and clear extraction of the legislation which explained why we didn’t need a permit at this point. We now have a clear understanding of the legislation, and through regular monitoring can ensure we remain within the law. The work carried out was clear, concise and worth every penny, and has saved the business time and money.

Howells Railway Products Ltd

The training session was very informative. The training, explanations and documentation The Compliance People have provided for us has greatly increased our knowledge and awareness giving us a higher level of confidence to complete future PPC / SPRI submissions. I believe the training and documentation would be a major asset to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation.