Legal Compliance Audits

Practical support for organisations looking to manage their legal compliance obligations


Our professional team of consultants offer independent, periodic compliance evaluations for both environment and health & safety.

We can carry out legal compliance audits that assess your compliance against all the legislation that applies to your organisation and identify any actions and areas for improvement.

Audit results will be recorded in your legal register, providing reassurance that you understand your duties under applicable law, and demonstrating your proactive approach to external auditors and other stakeholders.

This also helps your organisation meet its compliance obligation requirements under current environment, energy and health & safety management systems standards including ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001.

Not only can our consultants provide auditing support, we can also use our knowledge and experience to help you work on any improvements needed to ensure you remain legally compliant.


The team are extremely knowledgeable across all areas of environmental legislation and went above and beyond to support local area compliance teams in gaining a greater understanding of applicability of legislation to their activities and how controls and compliance could be enhanced.

British Airways

What sets them apart from other specialists is their partnership approach; when an audit identifies an issue, they are more than willing to work with us to find a solution.

Royal Mail

At BASF, we pride ourselves on our health and safety standards, but we found the insight from these approachable and knowledgeable external auditors to be very useful.


To have an expert independent auditor acting on your behalf to perform a compliance assessment yielded observations that would be likely missed otherwise.

The invaluable way that resulting report actions are loaded to your dashboard with comments, delegatory actions, RAG alerts and legislative guidance has made managing a complex task so much easier and freed up my valuable time to focus on other things.


Very informative and professional. Support from the consultant was fantastic in interpreting applicable legislation and confirming current status.

Honda Motor Europe Logistics NV

A very detailed and knowledge-based assessment and a good tool to support us going forward; an invaluable service to our business.

Tetra Pak