Your subscriptions support woodland community heritage project

All our profits are donated to our charity, Newground Together, and we like to share how this money is changing the environment and communities around us. 

A community heritage project connecting South Pennine residents with their woodlands has recently produced a book. The book aims to raise awareness of the importance and history of the community’s local environments – especially useful in the current climate where outdoor space is relied upon more than ever to relieve stress and keep fit.

The project ran for 3 years and included:

  • community archaeological investigations
  • forest schools
  • Festivals
  • workshops
  • a conference across the South Pennines

Newground Together were one of four funders for the project, allowing your subscription costs to support our wonderful natural environment.

38 woodlands across the South Pennines have been investigated. The results will not only be used to update the regional Historic Environment Records but also to inform landowners of heritage assets held by them, the significance of these assets and how best to manage them. Reporting is ongoing but over 1,000 features of archaeological significance have been recorded to date.

As well as providing reporting, the project has completed 289 forest school workshops across the South Pennines, working with 3,000 schoolchildren.

In addition to funding a Woodland Heritage Officer, Newground Together has helped facilitate 8 forest school training events, resulting in over 80 adults achieving a qualification to Level 1 Forest School Practitioner.

Belle Paterson, Community Development Officer at Newground Together added: “The woodlands of the South Pennines have a fascinating story to tell and can inspire, educate and entertain.

“Connecting communities with the natural environment can build a sense of appreciation of how it can impact on our lives including climate change, loss of biodiversity and flooding.

“Spending time in the natural environment can also boost health and wellbeing and projects like this can foster a great sense of belonging and community pride.” 

The infographic below shows the main achievements from the project’s 3-year lifespan. If you wish to read further information, including the full publication, it can be found by clicking here.


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