Find out how your support helped Demie get her dream career

All our profits are donated to our charity, Newground Together, and we like to share how this money is changing the environment and communities around us.

Demie, 27, had been a full-time mum for the last eight years when she came to Newground Together looking for help. The charity runs a range of employment programmes designed to help people like Demie, who are furthest from the employment market, to lead active lives and improve their employment prospects.

She said: “For the last eight years I’ve just been seen as a mum and I wanted something more. I needed a sense of self and independence. I’ve always wanted to be a support worker, either working with people with mental health problems or children. It’s always been in the family as my mum was a care worker. I suffer from anxiety and am grateful to those who have helped me so now I want to give something back.

How did we help? 

Demie was allocated an Employment Advisor, Helen, who identified her ambition, along with barriers to overcome such as confidence, anxiety, childcare and transport.

Helen said: “To help her overcome her anxiety, I recommended that she face it head-on by exposing herself to a scenario where she couldn’t control things. We decided to try part-time, temporary work initially to see how she managed the extra stress and juggling childcare.”  

Covid-19 had exacerbated Demie’s anxiety, causing her to clean up to 10 times a day. Helen recognised that her obsession for good hygiene could be transformed into a positive. After Helen helped to create a CV and guided her through the application process, Demie secured her first role as a cleaner in a health centre.

What next? 

Helen kept in touch with Demie, remaining a consistent mentor. She noticed Demie’s anxiety easing and her confidence growing immensely, and she began to enjoy adult conversations.

“Demie told me she wanted a career , not a job and how she wanted more for her family,” said Helen. “I was so pleased to hear this and encouraged her to pursue her dream of working in the care industry. I helped her to find suitable permanent roles with more hours, and we completed the applications. She was looking forward and realising her potential after years of being out of work, at home with children.”  

Demie was offered an interview at a nearby care home. Helen assisted again here, calming her nerves, practising interview techniques and helping choose a smart outfit. Demie impressed the care home so much that she was offered the job there and then.

Demie said: “I can’t wait to start my new role as a care assistant, which is heading in the right direction towards where I want to be. It’s only over the road from where I live so I don’t have to worry about transport and can easily pop back home if there is a problem with the kids, which has really helped with my anxiety.”  

“Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be where I am without Helen’s help. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”   

Helen said: “I couldn’t be more proud of her. I knew she could do this - she just needed encouragement and support. This is what our job is all about, taking those small steps, to encourage someone to believe in themselves, take a chance and get a better life.” 

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