Discover how our Charity Empowers Local Women by Bridging the Digital Divide

As you may already be aware, 100% of all profits generated by The Compliance People are directly gift-aided to our parent charity, Newground Together.

This month, we spotlight how your support has empowered local women to master digital technology.

Recently, Newground Together has been working closely with The DEEN Centre in Pendle. For over four years, The DEEN Centre has been at the forefront of grassroots efforts, conducting educational workshops to enhance women’s skills. They also collaborate with the Pendle women’s refuge, offering crucial support to women fleeing domestic violence.

The DEEN Centre is dedicated to aiding women who encounter additional challenges as they navigate new stages in their lives. To boost their capabilities, the centre runs workshops focused on digital upskilling.

This is where our charity has stepped in to make a difference. Newground Together is aiding The DEEN Centre, which is dedicated to closing the digital divide. Our charity has been able to provide support to women by enhancing their digital skills, enabling them to access crucial healthcare services, employment opportunities, and become active participants in the digital community.

Furthermore, through their ‘ICT 4 All’ initiative, our charity has helped to secure ICT equipment, furniture, and translated resources.

These efforts are designed to assist up to 25 women in improving their English language skills, thus opening new avenues for their personal and professional growth.

Belle Paterson, Community Development Officer for Newground Together said: “We often support community groups that have great impact in our communities, and we’ve been blown away by The DEEN Centre’s work to deliver such vital workshops. Digital skills are often something we take for granted which is why we have been so eager to work with the group and support them in fulling their ambitions to equip women from all backgrounds with such essential skills.”