Welcome to your new homepage

If you haven’t seen it yet go to the LUS Home page and have a look around! It now includes dashboard-style charts designed to give you an overview of your account and pointers towards areas that might need some attention.

Here’s a list of the information shown on the Home page, and why it’s significant:


11 The number of entries in your Legal Register that are marked as relevant, and how many of them have no compliance comments.

Compliance comments are a good way to record how you comply with legislation through evaluation of compliance.

12 The number of entries with each traffic light status in your Legislation Register.

Traffic light statuses can be added to visually represent compliance status with the entries in your Legislation Register.

13 The number of actions from your Legislation Register that are complete, pending, overdue and to be set (in need of a deadline or assignee).

Compliance actions are used to assign tasks with deadlines to users in your account.

14 A list of the entries that are relevant in your Legislation Register that have been updated in the month shown.

Updates to legislation may result in a change in compliance duties you need to be aware of. 

15 (Environment Subscribers)

List of the significant aspects from your Aspects register.

The environmental impacts of your significant aspects should be reduced or mitigated.

16 (Health & Safety Subscribers)

List of the hazards with the highest risk rating from your Risk Assessment register.

Action must be taken to reduce the risks of high-risk hazards before the work/activity can commence or continue.

17 Chart showing priority vs non-priority entries in your Risks & Opportunities register.

Priority risks or opportunities should be addressed.

18 List of the most recent changes made to entries in your registers.
19 List of the most recent logins by users in this account.
20 Links to webinars, events and resources from The Compliance People.


Each section of the home page will have a link to the entries mentioned or a MORE INFO button to take you to the relevant page. There is also a definition included with each of the sections which can be read by hovering over the icon icon.


LUS is an excellent tool for managing your compliance obligations and we’re always looking for ways to improve. If you’d like to offer any feedback or improvement ideas, get in touch.