Introducing the Enhanced Actions Page in LUS

We’re happy to announce a recent update to the Actions page in our Legislation Update Service (LUS), designed to make your compliance management more efficient and user-friendly. 

In this update, you’ll find all your actions consolidated on a single page. This new layout brings together actions from various registers and disciplines into one accessible location, making things simpler and more streamlined for you, so you can focus on what’s important. 

With our new customisable filters, you can quickly zero in on the actions that are most urgent or relevant to you. Save your filter settings, and they’ll be right there waiting for you next time you log in, saving you precious time and effort. 

You can also now manage your actions directly from the Actions page. Adding, completing, editing, or removing actions is just a few clicks away, making the process hassle-free and intuitive. 

These updates to the LUS Actions page make managing your LUS actions much quicker and easier. 

For more detailed information on these updates, please visit our knowledge base. Your feedback is valuable to us, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or comments about the changes. We’re here to help and always looking to improve your experience with our service.