HSE decides CDM 2015 will not be supported by an ACoP

The Health and Safety Executive has decided that the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) will not be supported by an Approved Code of Practice (ACoP).

The HSE agreed that an ACoP would not ‘add value’ to the Regulations. The decision came two years after the HSE was criticised for proposing that the revised Regulations which replaced the 2007 version, should only be supported by guidance.

The HSE has said it will review the situation in 12 months.

When the HSE consulted on the revisions to CDM in March 2014, it proposed replacing the ACoP with guidance. However, only one third of respondents agreed the ACoP should be withdrawn.

The HSE subsequently backtracked and decided it should develop new ACoP if it could be shown to add value.

CDM 2015 came into force last year supported by new guidance,L153.Further guidance documents, one for each dutyholder in CDM 2015, were produced.

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