Europe’s untapped onshore wind could power the entire world

A study from the University of Sussex has revealed statistics that state Europe could power the entire world up until 2050 if it installed onshore wind farms on all its suitable sites.

Researchers state that Europe has the capacity to generate more than 100 times the amount of energy it currently produces through onshore wind farms.This would be from the 11 million turbines that could theoretically be installed across the five million square kilometers of suitable terrain, with Turkey, Russia and Norway having the most potential wind power.

Although this study is not a blueprint for development it is intended to show policymakers the potential of what can be done with wind power and where major opportunities exist.

The future for the onshore wind sector seems bright with aspirations for a 100% renewable energy grid now within grasp in light of these studies.

With 46% of Europe’s territory being deemed suitable for onshore wind farms and onshore wind being found to be the cheapest source of new power generation, it seems like governments and policymakers will have to look into the potential of an onshore wind venture. Not to mention further deployment in the UK could cut energy bills by 7% and support 31,000 jobs.