15 businesses hit with fines for failing to comply with ESOS

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued numerous fines to businesses failing to comply with energy efficiency rules.
Fifteen businesses failed to comply with the first round of mandatory reporting rules under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Failures occur when a company is unable to analyse its energy consumption data, transport emissions and report on its compliance strategy.
The latest report from the EA showed that 15 businesses have been fined with civil penalties of just under £160,000 in total for ESOS offences. Those businesses which received penalties include:

  • Amdocs (UK) Limited – £45,000;
  • Forever 21 (UK) Limited – £22,500;
  • Intelsat Gloabl Sales and Marketing Limited – £13,500
  • Ebay (UK) Ltd – £12,150;
  • Gumtree.com Limited – £12,150;
  • Spinnaker Bidco Limited – £10,650;
  • GBT Travel Services UK Limited – £10,050;
  • STA Travel Limited – £9,450;
  • Harman International Industries Limited – £8,550;
  • CCA International (UK) Ltd – £3,420;
  • Monex Europe Holdings Limited – £2,700;
  • Giant Precision Limited – £2,550;
  • Gateway Global Communications Limited – £1,800;
  • Belvedere Midco Limited – £1,740; and
  • Betting Shop Services Limited – £1,560.

ESOS was designed to encourage energy efficient installations and investments with enforcement action used as a last resort to bring them into compliance. Companies which are able to implement ISO 50001 automatically qualify for compliance under ESOS.
The second and next compliance deadline under ESOS is 5th December 2019, which has allowed companies four years to prepare for compliance.

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