The Vehicle Drivers (Certificates of Professional Competence) (Amendment) Regulations 2020

Jurisdiction: UK

Commencement: 26th May 2020

Amends: The Vehicle Drivers (Certificates of Professional Competence) Regulations 2007

Mini Summary

The Vehicle Drivers (Certificates of Professional Competence) Regulations 2007 implement requirements for drivers of HGVs and buses or coaches to pass a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). Note that this is separate and additional to the requirement to hold the correct category of driver’s licence.


Various amendments are made to the 2007 Regulations.

The following are added to the list of vehicles which are exempt from the requirement for drivers to hold an initial CPC (n.b. in all cases the requirements and associated exemptions only apply in relation to ‘relevant’ vehicles – see main text above):

  • NHS ambulance service vehicles;
  • vehicles used for non commercial transport of humanitarian aid;
  • vehicles being driven in the course of additional driver training to enable the person to gain a CPC or licence (n.b. the vehicle must not be carrying goods, and the training driver must be accompanied by a person with the appropriate licence);
  • vehicles carrying goods or passengers for non-commercial purposes (n.b. these were already exempt if being used for ‘personal use’ – this latter requirement is no longer required); and
  • vehicles driven by a person for an agricultural, horticultural, forestry, farming or fishery business, carrying goods as part of that business, provided that the driver’s principal work activity is not driving such vehicles.

The 2007 Regulations are also amended to provide for reciprocal recognition of the Swiss CPC and of associated periodic CPC training completed in Switzerland i.e.CPC and associated periodic training completed in Switzerland are recognised in the UK. A driver carrying evidence of these is not also required to hold UK documentation.


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