The Passenger and Goods Vehicles (Tachographs) (Amendment etc.) Regulations 2019

Jurisdiction: England, Scotland and Wales

Commencement: 24 October 2019


  • Transport Act 1968
  • The Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019

Mini Summary

Transport Act 1968 creates rules for management of driver safety in relation to goods and passenger vehicles. The rules set out in this Act and subsequent amendments are known as the ‘Domestic Rules’



Transport Act 1968

New provisions in relation to smart tachographs* are to be enforced, through the introduction of Regulation (EU) 2016/799 implementing Regulation (EU) No 165/2014 laying down the requirements for the construction, testing, installation, operation and repair of tachographs and their components.

These amendments are necessary to ensure that effective enforcement action may be taken by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the police, if the smart tachographs requirements are breached.

*Smart tachographs are digital devices with the ability to use satellite positioning and short range communication for road enforcers through a harmonised Intelligent Transport System Interface.

References to Regulation (EU) 2016/799 are inserted to ensure consistency with the latest EU Regulations regarding tachographs.


The Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019

Consequential amendments are made to the Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019, removing overlapping amendments which are not yet in force, to ensure these ‘Amendment Regulations’ operate correctly when brought into force.


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