Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Act 2021 (Commencement) Order 2021

Jurisdiction: Republic of Ireland

Commencement: 7th September 2021


  • Planning and Development Act 2000
  • Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015

Mini Summary

The Planning and Development Act 2000 is designed to serve as a planning code and therefore, in order for any development to be valid it should be undertaken in compliance with the requirements of this legislation, as well as any other legislation such as the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992.

The Planning and Development Act 2000 revised the entire amount of planning law into a single piece of legislation, covering all forms of planning and development. The scope of the Act is wide and sets out a detailed section-by-section analysis of the provisions of the Act, including development plans, local area plans, regional planning guidelines, architectural heritage, housing supply, appeal procedures and environmental impact assessment. Under the Act each Local Authority has a responsibility to determine policy in its area through a Development Plan and for applying the policy through planning control, planning applications and enforcing planning decisions.

The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015 provides details on approval plans made by the Government in relation to climate change for the purpose of pursuing the transition to a low carbon, climate resilient and environmentally sustainable economy. This Act establishes a body to be known as the Climate Change Advisory Council.

This Act will not affect existing or future obligations of the State under the law of the European Union (including Directive 2001/42/EC, Council Directive 92/43/EEC, Directive 2003/87/EC and Decision No. 406/2009/EC), existing or future obligations of the State under any international agreement, any Act or instrument that gives effect to any such obligation or existing or future entitlements of the State or any person under the said law, agreement, Act or instrument.


These Regulations bring into force the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Act 2021which previously amended this Act. It comes into operation on 7th September 2021

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