How can I record compliance against Updates?

Legislation updates made in the last 12 months have a new icon, with some new functionality to help you review them.

icon1 1


Click on the icon and you can:

  • Mark the update as having “No change in compliance”.

icon2 2

  • OR add a new Comment or Action that is linked directly to the Update.

icon3 1


Any time a user at your site uses either of the options, a counter in the icon increases. This shows you how many times the Update has been reviewed. Records are shown below the buttons.

icon5 1 1


If you click to Create a Compliance Comment or Action against the Update you will see the popup form. To add an Action, click the ‘Set as action’ tickbox.

icon4 1

If you create Comments and Actions against Updates, they will appear in the Compliance Comments and Compliance Actions section(s) of the legislation, with a link back up to the Update.

icon6 1

Each record has a Delete button, and if you need to edit the Update Comment or Action use the Edit button.


On the New In Your Register page, the icon and counter shows you how many times the Update has been reviewed at your site.


If your LUS account includes multiple sites, you can copy your Update assessments to the other sites that you manage using the Copy to Sites button. This saves you from having to repeat the same activity at your different sites.