Your subscriptions contribute three quarters of a million pounds to charity

All our profits are donated to our charity, Newground Together, and we like to share how this money is changing the environment and communities around us.

We are proud to announce that last financial year, we were able to donate an amazing three-quarters of a million pounds to fund charitable causes. This is all as a result of your subscriptions!

So what exactly does my subscription fund?

Every single bit of profit goes to our charity, Newground Together.
The charity aims to empower people to create sustainable communities that are connected, resilient, healthy and prosperous.
Projects are delivered by the team of Newground staff, who go above and beyond to transform lives for the better.
External projects that align with our mission are also supported through grants, supporting as many communities as we can.

All work fits under one of three key themes:

The Environment

Various programmes encourage people to get outdoors to support health & wellbeing whilst also developing skills and combating loneliness by joining in with the community.

Newground manages Offshoots garden and hold a range of community and education projects here, as well as at local schools and community centres. The garden is also a great place for volunteering opportunities.

Environmental projects include:

  • Guided health walks
  • Community gardening
  • Developing outdoor space to be utilised for education


Newground operates 3 community hubs in disadvantaged locations in Blackburn, Halifax and Wakefield. A range of youth work and community activities are delivered from the hubs, allowing a safe space for locals and helping to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Other activities and groups are welcomed to be hosted from the hubs and grants are also awarded to encourage groups to form and take ownership of community activity.

Examples include:

  • The Billy Project – free gym sessions for disadvantaged and vulnerable women to build confidence and tackle loneliness
  • Halifax Boxing Club – funded boxing sessions to allow young people to channel aggression in a positive manner
  • Supporting local food banks

Employment & Skills

Aimed at helping disadvantaged and long-term unemployed people back into and to remain in the workplace. Staff work hard to tailor the journey to suit each individual, helping them to overcome barriers to employment such as confidence and lack of life skills, acting as approachable mentors.

This is done through:

  • Funded training courses
  • Mentoring and support
  • Talent matching to roles from partner organisations
  • ​​​​​​​CV writing and interview skills workshops

Thank you for your support

The below infographic shows key achievements from the previous year.

Every penny makes a difference to the lives of the people involved in our projects, and your subscriptions allow achievements like this and more to continue to happen.

If you would like to know more about Newground Together, you can read the full annual report here.