Read how your support helps RIVA Café offset the cost of food

As part of our mission as a company, we’re committed to donating 100% of our profits to our charity Newground Together. Below is just one of the projects we’ve helped to support.

With the cost of living rising and more people finding their finances stretched, RIVA Café has become a lifeline to the local community of Sheffield. Riva Café on Laird Road in Wisewood continues to offset the cost of food, providing low-cost, nutritious, healthy meals, and acts as a community hub where people can stay warm and make friends. This has been made possible through Newground Together’s Community Grants funding programme.

Newground Together, provided £500 for RIVA Café to put towards membership of FareShare, a charity network of food redistributors who give charities and community groups access to surplus, good quality food.

Denise Donstan, Managing Director of RIVA Café and Charity Shop said: “We opened our doors 9 years ago, and since then we have grown and become a hub for our community. Through Newground Together Community Grants funding, we have been able to offset the cost of our food, which in the current climate is increasingly needed. I’m finding more and more people are coming to the Café needing good food, but at low-cost. I’m not sure how people will cope with all these increasing costs, but our doors are open to people wanting somewhere to go or have a meal that won’t break the bank.”

The Café acts as a hub and charity shop, giving people with learning difficulties work experience and independent living skills. Local people find the Café to be the heart of the area with many community groups attending on site as well as somewhere local mums and other people can meet up.

Jacqueline Towers visits the Café regularly and said: “prices have already gone up, I’ve noticed it in all areas of my life; my supermarket shop was already more expensive than it had been just last month. I’m not sure how I’ll cope once the energy prices go up in April. I’m really worried! I come to the Café as it’s always a welcoming and warm place, and the cost of food is reasonable as well, so I can fill up before I go home.”