Our trip to Offshoots Permaculture Project – Read about how you support them

For those of you who aren’t new here, I’m sure you’ll be well aware by now that 100% of all our profits are donated to our parent charity, Newground Together. This month we take a look at Offshoots permaculture project following our team visit.

Offshoots is a community permaculture project tucked away in the historic walled garden of Towneley Hall in Towneley Park, Burnley.

Offshoots was established in 1997, and after many years of hard work from dedicated staff and volunteers, the centre is now a thriving community garden and training centre.

As well as being a local hub for volunteering and community sessions, Offshoots is also an educational site with a focus on environmental sustainability, looking at ways in which we can change how we live for the benefit of ourselves, our families and our communities.

On site, there are eco-friendly buildings that are powered by renewable energy, organic vegetable production areas, beekeeping, a forest garden, a wildlife pond and reed bed, a charcoal kiln (made from cob) and a backyard garden demonstration area.

As part of our recent team building day, our team spent some time volunteering at Offshoots. During the day, some members of the team helped in the woodwork area, others weeding and gardening, whilst the remaining team foraged for materials to be used in Offshoots’ upcoming 25th-anniversary celebration!

Offshoots is part of our parent charity and as such, it benefits directly from profits generated by our business, and subsequently your support.

You can find out more about Offshoots on their facebook page.