How your support helps communities through grants

Through grants provided by our parent charity, Newground Together, we’ve helped Community organisations such as Throup Place Residents group in their efforts to bring communities together.

As you’ll probably know by now, as a Not-for-Profit organisation, all profits generated by The Compliance People are donated to our parent charity, Newground Together.

As well as many larger projects, Newground Together also offers a range of community programmes, such as gardening projects which improve the environment, increase social interactions, and support volunteering opportunities locally. Through community grants like ‘Planting for Wellbeing’ Newground Together provides extra support for more vulnerable groups.

Recently, Newground Together was contacted by Anne Rhodes Butler. Anne is a member of Throup Place Residents group and wanted to improve the health and wellbeing of people in her immediate area. Newground together were of course happy to help through our Planting for Wellbeing scheme.

Anne said, “After a grant was made available to our residents’ association, we have as a group been able to create a lovely garden bed. With 50% hard work and 50% fun and laughter, the project has brought neighbours together and given us pride in our surroundings. It will be an ongoing labour of love, with bulbs and seeds to plant in autumn and a burst of colour in spring to look forward to.”

When Covid-19 hit, local community groups such as Throup Place resident’s association felt the knock-on effects of the pandemic the most.

Some of the residents from Throup Place face mobility issues, so often struggle to leave their homes; a combination of this and Covid could have had a detrimental effect on their health and wellbeing.

The project took place in early August 2021; some of the funding secured went towards employing someone to dig the bedding area over a 2-day period. Volunteers then planted the soiled area and on an ongoing basis will maintain the space.

Belle Paterson, Community Development Officer for Newground Together said: “The scheme accommodates 10 adapted bungalows. With seven of the residents facing mobility issues; creating opportunities for social cohesion in times of covid is more important than ever.