How your support has helped to deliver 1,762 meals & support to local communities

Coordinated by Spring North, the ‘Get Stuck In’ clubs were part of the Department for Education’s Holiday Activities and Food programme to support families in need through healthy and nutritious meals and organised activities.

With more than 20,000 children living in food poverty in Blackburn with Darwen, these holiday clubs provide an essential lifeline for families.

As part of Newground Togethers’ commitment to make life better in our communities, we felt it fitting to “Get Stuck In” with this project.  Together with the help of other local groups, in total, the program delivered 33,000 meals and over 400 hours of activities for children aged 4-16 years.

Adam Doyle, Community Programmes Manager at Newground Together, said: “The initiative was invaluable in allowing young people to reconnect with each other in a safe environment ahead of returning to school, which was a daunting prospect for many after such a long pause.

“The feedback we have received from parents confirms there is a real need for these kinds of programmes. One mum reported that her son had completely changed his habits as a result. During lockdown, he had become very lethargic and got into the pattern of staying up late and sleeping in but the programme inspired him to get up especially early because he was so excited and didn’t want to miss out. He also became a lot more talkative, chatting about the people he met and what they had been up to.

“The team also reported some remarkable changes in the young people they engaged with. One girl with autism refused to show her face on Zoom because she was so nervous but by the end of the session she was running around the house doing a scavenger hunt.”

Following on from this initiative, Newground Together has teamed up with Barnardo’s to help children, young people and families in Blackburn with Darwen and Calderdale cope with the Covid-19 crisis.

As always The Compliance People is committed to donating 100% of all our profits to our charity Newground Together.