How The Compliance People’s volunteering days are reviving the Fylde Sand Dunes

Making good use of The Compliance People’s volunteering days, some of the team recently took a trip to the Fylde Sand Dunes. Their goal was simple: plant as many Christmas trees as possible!

The dunes along the Fylde Coast harbour a rich and specialised ecosystem, supporting a range of distinctive plants and animals. These dunes, recognised as sites of special scientific interest, are vital for offering habitat to flora and fauna of both international and national significance. Regrettably, over the last 150 years, over 80% of the dunes have disappeared owing to the expansion of coastal towns.

The Christmas trees, which local residents donated, were to be planted to help create a line of defence. The idea is that as the wind blows, the branches of the trees trap sand, gradually creating new dunes. 

Last year, the project was very successful, with over 2,500 trees donated, resulting in an impressive 90-metre increase in the width of the Fylde Sand Dune system. This year this grew to 4,000 trees… meaning our team were kept very busy!

You can find out more about the project here.