How our charity hub supports 100s of people

This month we look back on a project your support helped fund. As always, 100% of all profits generated by our business are gift-aided directly to our parent charity, Newground Together.

Last year our charity decided it was time to open an easily accessible hub, which was located right in the centre of Blackburn, within The Mall Shopping Centre.

This hub aimed to help Newground Together expand its reach by making its services more accessible to local people. The hub is a drop-in facility for people to access employment and support services, with various schemes and help available.

Over a year, the hub has helped more than 350 people progress with their careers and tackle more comprehensive health, wellbeing, finance and housing issues. The passionate and dedicated teams at the hub help change people’s lives through one-to-one support.

Alison Clews, Newground Together Community Programme Manager, said: “The year since we opened the hub has been excellent. It’s gone better than any of us could have imagined.

“Its location in the heart of Blackburn has meant we’ve been able to continue to see our existing customers more quickly as they go about their day-to-day lives, but also see many more people – including many people we wouldn’t otherwise have reached.

“We’re like a popular restaurant – when people see how busy we are, they want to come in and see what the buzz is all about. It’s been fantastic to support so many people and change so many people’s lives.”

Caroline Simpson, Community Programmes Coordinator, said: “We’re not about the quick fixes. We’re here to understand people’s lives and help them towards sustainable employment.

“It’s remarkable – and often emotional – to see the results. From working with us, people can buy presents for their loved ones, pay off their fuel bills and support their families.

“It’s not about hitting targets or a revolving door. We’re here to make a long-term difference – whatever it takes.”

We’re proud that as a business, 100% of our profits go to help projects such as these & we thank all our customers for the ongoing support, allowing us to continue to make a difference.