Find out how your donations bring families closer to nature

As of now you’re no doubt aware, 100% of profits generated by The Compliance People are directly gift-aided to our parent charity, Newground Together.

In this month’s charity update, we are delighted to share the success of the Stubbylee Family Nature Club, hosted by Newground Together in the woodlands of Stubbylee Park.

The club’s imaginative programme offers activities that spark children’s natural curiosity and love for play. Sessions include singing, muddy play (such as painting with mud), den building, going on a bear hunt, campfire cooking, creating bird nests, soap making with conkers, and a variety of natural crafts and games set within the woods. Each activity is designed to engage children’s senses and creativity, while also educating them about the natural world around them.

The club started with just four curious children eager to explore the wonders of the natural world. Since then, it’s blossomed into a welcoming space for families to gather and build a love for the outdoors. The program boasts a vibrant community of repeat attendees, fostering friendships and a shared passion for nature.

Pat Smith, a Bacup Pride Volunteer, highlights the club’s holistic benefits. Pat says:

“The Nature Club offers a whole plethora of benefits for families who attend. Parents and children get the opportunity to socialise, meet new people and make new friends, all of this whilst being outdoors, doing physical activities… all surrounded by nature, all these are things that improve people’s physical and mental health. Of course all of the benefits are not obvious to the children as they just experience fun, lots and lots of fun!”

The Stubbylee Family Nature Club embodies Newground Together’s commitment to community well-being. By encouraging families to spend time outdoors, the program fosters a healthier and happier Calderdale.

Paula, a regular attendee with her son Luca, echoes these sentiments. Paula says:

“The family nature club has been fantastic,” Paula says. “Both Luca and I have learned a lot about nature and have been able to introduce this to our daily routine. We now go on adventures with more purpose, looking for bugs, exploring the woods and make fun stick dens… The added bonus has been meeting others in the area, parents/grandparents and little toddler friends to meet and play with. It’s been great to have discussions with parents that have offered support and help with any toddler related challenges.”