Newground support new community ventures in Wakefield

Newground are proud to be supporting their local community and thinking green by donating old equipment to new ventures for the local people of Wakefield.

With South Elmsall Town Council setting up a number of construction workshops for the local community, Newground saw the opportunity to brush the dust off their old equipment and make a donation that will support the new venture.

Clare Baxter, Town Clerk at South Elmsall Town council, said: “We have some exciting plans in place to create a workshop which will offer training to people in the local community. The workshops will target worklessness, helping local people to socialise, improve their employment prospects, and in turn their mental health.”

Newground were able to gather a wide range of surplus tools which were no longer in use, and donate them to the workshops where attendees will have plenty of use for them.

Lucy Keogh, Youth and Community Senior Project Officer at Newground, helped to organise the donation. “The staff at South Elmsall Town Council are extremely grateful for the equipment that we have been able to donate”, says Lucy. “They feel that this will really benefit the local community and they will be able to put it to good use.

“At Newground, we are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We are pleased that these tools will be given a new lease of life, and other local people will have the opportunity to enjoy them.”