Serious concerns over asbestos report

Following the Department for Education’s Asbestos Management Assurance Process (AMAP) Survey report, the teacher’s union has highlighted that asbestos in schools is still not being managed safely.

NASUWT – The Teachers’ union is deeply concerned about the number of schools where asbestos is still not being managed safely. This comes with the knowledge that teachers and other education staff die on a yearly basis from mesothelioma, caused by exposure to asbestos fibres. In addition, up to 300 adults die each year due to exposure to asbestos in schools during childhood.

They have also expressed the lack of government involvement and action, regarding the absence of regulation making it compulsory for all schools to report on the presence and condition of asbestos, highlighting this as inexcusable.

Results from the Departments AMAP survey show more than one in ten schools did not participate and 3,485 schools (17.8% of participating schools) are not compliant with the Departments Guidance. This relates to numerous schools being reported to the Health and Safety Executive over concerns that they are failing in their duty to safety manage asbestos.

The desired outcome would be governments to implement in-depth inspections of all schools and buildings identified or suspected to pose a threat from asbestos exposure, however with government cuts to funding, responsibility falls on schools and building owners themselves completing the AMAP survey report and reporting any concerns.

For more information on asbestos management and responsibilities refer to The Asbestos Data Collection Documents.