Kendal care home fined £40k for preparing out of date sandwiches

A care home in Kendal has been fined £40,000 for preparing out-of-date sandwiches to serve to its residents.

On 21st March 2017, inspectors visited Heron Hill Care Home and noticed meat, which was past its expiry date, was being prepared. Sandwiches made from beef which expired on 19th March and ham which had a use-by-date of 17th March were being prepared for lunch that day. The residents were not given the expired food.

The chiller had six packets of meat which were in date and others not being used that were out of date.

Heron Hill operator Abbey Healthcare Limited pleaded guilty to failing to comply with EU food safety and hygiene regulations and fined £40,000.

Following the visit, an action plan was submitted which identified particular areas of improvement. The company followed the action plan to the letter. A new catering manager has been employed following concerns over the safe handling of food.

In February 2018, officers carried out another inspection of the care home and assessed food hygiene standards as five stars (Very Good).