Expand your account with Multi-Site and Department Filters

Did you know you can expand your Legislation Update Service account through adding our multi-site and department filters option? If your organisation is too complex for a standard single site register, we have these options to help you manage your compliance obligations more efficiently.


Our multi-site option gives you separate registers with their own unique setup whilst allowing you to still manage these through one login.

  • Ideal if you have more than one location and those locations carry out different activities.
  • Allows you to keep comments, actions and updates separate to make demonstrating compliance clearer and easier.
  • Includes unlimited users and the ability to restrict access to certain sites if required.
  • Comes with free department filters for further management of your legislation (see below).

You receive all the benefits of a single site account, but you only pay 50% of the costs for each site added on. From £489 plus VAT.

Department Filters

Adding departments to your register is quick and simple way for your users to filter legislation by different areas of your business.

  • Ideal for large or complex sites that require additional structure in the register.
  • Allows you to assign legislation in your register to departments you have created.
  • Once these have been assigned you can filter your register to only show the relevant departments.
  • It can give you a list of applicable legislation per department.

At just £300 plus VAT per annum, it is an excellent way of further managing your compliance obligations and giving your users a clear understanding of the legislation that applies to each area/process.

For more information you can view our Helpsite page here or get in touch with us at [email protected]