Bristol Airport switches to 100% renewable electricity

Shortly after announcing plans to make its own operations carbon-neutral by 2025, Bristol Airport is switching to 100% renewable electricity.

The electricity supplied to the Airport will be generated across Ørsted’s offshore wind portfolio throughout the three year agreement between the two, which will result in the airports annual electricity demand of 17 million kWh (kilowatt hour) met with wind generation.

Ørsted has reduced their emission intensity from power generation by 83% since 2006, by largely changing its business model away from oil and natural gas to offshore wind. Their goal now is to achieve 98% reduction, against the same baseline by 2025.

Over the three year period it is estimated that Bristol Airport will generate 14,000 tonnes less of power related carbon emissions than their current output.

This change is seen as a significant step in Bristol Airport’s journey to carbon neutrality. As for future plans, Bristol Airport is further striving for carbon neutrality by implementing plans for more electric vehicles and charging points, before the end of 2019.