Biocides update approved active substances

EU biocides approvals for active substances 1st July 2015

The active substances listed below have been approved for use in biocide products, which are placed on the EU market from 1st July 2015, following their evaluation under the EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012 (EU BPR). EU BPR authorisation must be obtained for biocide products that contain such active substances if they are intended to stay on the market:

Companies are reminded that they must apply for UK authorisation of relevant biocide products by 1st July 2015, in order to keep their products on the UK market after this date. Biocide products containing more than one active substance must be authorised by the relevant date that the last active substance in the product is approved. If applications for UK authorisation, of any biocide product containing approved active substances, are not made by 1st July 2015 then the biocide product will not be made available on the UK market after 28th December 2015 and any existing stocks may not be used after 30th June 2016. Biocide products that currently have approval under the UK Control of Pesticides Regulations will have their approval revoked.

Useful resources:

Guidance on the transitional arrangements for existing biocide products on the UK market and biocide products currently regulated under the UK Control of Pesticides Regulations, which are affected by the active substance approval list.

Full EU list of approved biocide active substances.

Guidance on applying for UK authorisation of biocide products.