The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (Amendment) Regulations 2022

Jurisdiction: Great Britain

Commencement: 26th October 2022

Amends: The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Regulations 2018

Mini Summary

The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Regulations 2018 continue the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme to facilitate and encourage the renewable generation of heat by giving subsidy payments to eligible generators of renewable heat and producers of biomethane.


Various duties apply.


The following apply to England, Scotland and Wales. These changes come into force on 16th November 2022.

Changes are made to the fuel quality requirements for wood pellets listed in Schedule 4A. These Regulations temporarily suspend the requirement for participants who use wood pellets as fuel for their biomass boilers to use ENplus A1 pellets.

Furthermore, this suspension of this requirement will apply for 12 months.

Powers are granted to the Secretary of State to temporarily suspend this requirement again, if needed in the future.

Additionally, changes are made to the ownership requirements in regulation 52A (Modification of installation capacity -shared ground loop systems). A participant who is not the owner, or one of the owners of an additional heat pump can make a capacity modification application to the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) if:

  • they provide evidence that they have authority from the owner to do so; and
  • has the right to act as a scheme participant.

Tariff Guarantees (TG2 and TG3) and Coronavirus (COVID-19) extension applicants can file a plan to modify capacity on, or before 31st March 2023, without their plant being accredited by Ofgem. This is done to accommodate delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are no changes to duties for organisations. 


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