The Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021 (Commencement No. 3) Regulations 2023

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Commencement: 30th May 2023

Amends: Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021

Mini Summary

The Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021 introduces a framework for establishing a regulatory system for heat networks* in Scotland. It aims to accelerate the deployment of heat networks and boost consumer and investor confidence in the sector.

*A heat network is a type of infrastructure that generates heat and supplies it to domestic and non-domestic premises via insulated pipes.

Significant changes are made to the following areas. N.B. Specific requirements will be brought in by additional legislation.

  • Heat network licences for those supplying thermal energy by means of a heat network.
  • Heat network consents that are required before the construction or operation of a heat network takes place.
  • The designation of areas deemed particularly suitable for the construction and operation of heat networks as heat network zones.
  • The awarding of Heat network zone permits for heat network zones.


Various duties apply.


The following sections of the Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021 were brought into force on 30th May 2023.

  • Section 46 (Powers to designate heat network zone).
  • Section 47 (Duty on local authority to review heat network zoning in area).
  • Section 48 (Designation of heat network zone by local authority).
  • Section 49 (Designation of heat network zone by Scottish Ministers).
  • Section 50 (Variation of heat network zone by local authority).
  • Section 51 (Variation of heat network zone by Scottish Ministers).
  • Section 52 (Two or more local authorities acting jointly in relation to heat network zone).
  • Section 53 (Ministerial power of direction to designate or vary heat network zone).
  • Section 54 (Guidance).
  • Section 63 (Building assessment reports).
  • Section 65 (Notification of building assessment reports).
  • Section 66 (Guidance about building assessment reports).
  • Section 67 (Interpretation of Part 5).
  • Section 93 (Heat networks delivery plan).

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