The Green Gas Support Scheme (Amendment) Regulations 2024

Jurisdiction: Great Britain

Commencement: 4th June 2024

Amends: The Green Gas Support Scheme Regulations 2021

Mini Summary

The Green Gas Support Scheme Regulations 2021introduce the Green Gas Support Scheme and Green Gas Levy. They are relevant to licenced gas suppliers who are required to pay a quarterly levy to fund the scheme and scheme participants who are provided with a tariff guarantee for biomethane injected into the grid.


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The Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS) is extended until 31st March 2028. A number of changes aiming to encourage the use of heat pumps in the production of biomethane will come into force on 4th June 2024.

Scheme extension

The scheme closure date is changed from 30th November 2025 to 31st March 2028, to allow prospective applicants more time to register and participate in the scheme.

Amended formula for eligible biomethane

The formula used to calculate the biomethane eligible for tariff payments is amended, so heat supplied by eligible heat pumps and the electricity input to these heat pumps are no longer included in the deductions.

The change aims to incentivise the GGSS participants to use heat pumps in the production of biomethane.

Eligible heat pumps
An eligible heat pump is an air and / or ground source heat pump that:

  • was first commissioned on or after 1st April 2023;
  • has an electricity meter that can measure the electricity supplied to the heat pump;
  • has been granted planning permission;
  • had no costs covered by a grant from public funds; and
  • is not powered by, or uses heat from a fossil fuel, gas or oil boiler.

Registration of eligible heat pumps

Heat pumps must be registered with the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority in order to be considered eligible heat pumps. The registration requirements are detailed in the new Regulation 8A.

The information required for registration is listed in Schedule 1A


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