The Feed-in Tariffs (Closure, etc.) Order 2018

Jurisdiction:  England, Scotland, Wales

Commencement:   1st February 2019

Amends:   Feed-in Tariffs Order 2012


Mini Summary

These Regulations make requirements for Feed in Tariffs. They set the maximum capacity for small scale low carbon electricity generation for Feed in Tariffs. The Regulations provide for the accreditation of installations, the operations of the registry and general administrative functions.



Closure of the FIT scheme

The Feed-in Tariffs scheme (FIT scheme) will be closed to new applicants from the 31st March 2019. This follows a government review in 2015 which decided that spending on new generation would cease in March 2019 to ensure that there would be no additional impact on energy bills from generation tariffs.


The closure of the FIT scheme has no effect on currently accredited installations and generators will continue to receive payments until the end of their support in accordance with the existing rules.


There are some limited extensions to the closure for certain installations and the following extensions are given:

  • ROO-FIT (large scale) installations are all hydro and anaerobic digestion, solar PV and wind installations with a declared net capacity over 50kW
  • MCS-FIT (small scale) installations are solar PV and wind installations with a declared net capacity of 50kW or less and all micro-combined heat and power installations.


Tariff rates for installations accredited after 31st March 2019 will be determined in accordance with the existing rules, with the exception of MCS-scale community energy installation with an MCS certificate issued on or after 1 April 2019, which will receive the tariff rate of the 1st January 2019.


Other administrative amendments

  • An exemption from the annual levelisation payment calculation for electricity supplied to energy intensive industry (EII) customers is introduced from 1st April 2019.
  • References to the applicable MSC installation standard for solar photovoltaic installations, heat-led combined heat and power installation and electricity-led combined heat and power installations commissioned on or after 12th March 2019 are updated.


Updated guidance: Renewable Installations

Updated guidance: Electricity Suppliers

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