The Building Safety Act 2022 (Commencement No. 6) Regulations 2024

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Commencement: 16th January 2024

Amends: Building Safety Act 2022 (c. 30)

Mini Summary

The Building Safety Act 2022 predominantly applies to England and Wales. It introduces changes to building regulation in England, including for higher-risk buildings. In Scotland and Northern Ireland its application is largely limited to liability for damages in relation to construction and cladding products. The Act also establishes the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) as part of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
You can find out more about the Building Safety Act 2022 here.


Various duties apply.



The following sections come into force on 16th January 2024.

  • Section 79 (occupied building: duty to apply for building assessment certificate).
  • Section 80 (applications for building assessment certificates).
  • Section 81 (building assessment certificates).
  • Section 82 (duty to display building assessment certificate etc).
  • Section 83 (assessment of building safety risks).
  • Section 84 (management of building safety risks).
  • Section 85 (safety case report).
  • Section 86 (notification and provision of report to the regulator).
  • Section 87 (mandatory reporting requirements).
  • Section 88 (keeping information about higher-risk buildings).
  • Section 90 (provision of information etc on change in accountable person).
  • Section 91 (residents’ engagement strategy).
  • Section 92 (requests for further information).
  • Section 93 (complaints procedure operated by principal accountable person).
  • Section 94 (complaints procedure operated by the regulator).
  • Section 95 (duties on residents and owners).
  • Section 96 (contravention notices).
  • Section 97 (access to premises).
  • Section 98 (duty on regulator to enforce Part).
  • Section 101 (offence: contravention giving rise to risk of death and serious injury).
  • Section 102 (special measures) and Schedule 7.
  • Section 111 (building safety directors of resident management companies).


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