Road Traffic (Licensing of Drivers) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2022

Jurisdiction: Republic of Ireland

Commencement: 26th April 2022

Amends: Road Traffic (Licensing of Drivers) Regulations 2006

Mini Summary

The Road Traffic (Licensing of Drivers) Regulations 2006 set out requirements for the issuing of provisional and driving licences.

Part 2: Categories of and excepted vehicles
This Part sets out the categories which vehicles are divided into for the purpose of Part 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1960 (Driving Licences).

Part 3: Licences – Disqualifications related to age
This Part sets out the age a person must be to hold a driving licence for certain categories of vehicle.

Part 4 and 5: Driving licences & provisional licences
These Parts set out how driving and provisional licences should look and what information it should include. It also sets out fees for licences and details of the application process.

Part 6: Certificates of competency
This Part details driving tests. It sets out application process; the fees for the test; the test vehicle requirements and the criteria which must be met to successful pass a driving test.

Part 7: Codes
This Part sets out codes which must be included in a certificate of competency to indicate that the recipient of the certificate is subject to certain restriction, i.e. modified vehicle.

Part 8: Health and fitness
This Part details driving health and fitness certificates and requirements for medical reports and eyesight reports to be provided.

Part 9: Enforcements and disqualifications
This Part details different disqualification orders and the enforcement of those orders.

Part 10: Identify
This Part sets out requirements for the photographs which must accompany an application for a driving or provisional licence and evidence of identity.

Part 11: Records
This Part set out how long licensing authority must keep records in relation to driving licences and provisional licences.


Licensing authorities are required to make a note of additional information on a person’s driving licence in accordance with regulation 32. This includes whether a driving licence has been exchanged for a licence issued in the Republic of Ireland.

Regulation 32 is updated to add a code for licences that:

  • have been exchanged in the Republic of Ireland; and
  • were issued by the driver licensing authority in Ukraine.

This amendment has no direct relevance to health and safety matters.


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