Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2018

Jurisdiction:  Republic of Ireland

Commencement:   22nd December 2018


Road Traffic Act 2016

Road Traffic Act 2010

Road Traffic Act 2002

Road Traffic Act 1961


Mini Summary

These Acts sets out requirements for driving licenses, speed limits, driving offences, insurance and public vehicles.



This amendment commences section 1, 4 and 5 of the Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2018.


Section 1

This removes the insertion of section 35A into the Road Traffic Act 1961.  Section 35A made it an offense for the owner of a vehicle to allow their vehicle be driven by a learner driver driving unaccompanied


Section 4

Makes minor amendments to Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act 1994.  Section 41 concerns the making of regulations regarding the detention of vehicles


Section 5

Inserts a new section 35A into Road Traffic Act 1961 relating to offenses by the owner of a motor vehicle driven by another person.

It makes an offense for the owner of a motor vehicle to allow another person to drive in a public place:

  • If they don’t hold a licence or learner permit for the correct category of vehicle; or
  • If they have a learner permit and are driving vehicles of category B, C1, C, D1, D, EB, EC1, EC, ED1 or ED, without being accompanied by and under the supervision of a qualified person.


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