Gas (Amendment) and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2024

Jurisdiction: Republic of Ireland

Commencement: Not provided

Amends: Gas Act 1976

Mini Summary

A licence must be obtained to construct or operate a natural gas facility* or pipeline. The Gas Act 1976 sets out the process for obtaining a licence and the conditions that may be imposed.

*Natural gas facility means a facility or pipeline that transmits or stores natural gas**.

**Natural gas is a non-renewable source of gas that is extracted from rock formations.

It aims to ensure the safety of people operating or constructing natural gas facilities and pipelines.

Irish Gas Board

The Irish Gas Board must ensure that natural gas facilities and pipelines are operated in a way that ensures the safety of operators*. This includes establishing an emergency response service and call centre to respond to gas escapes.

*An operator is any person operating under a natural gas licence.

The Irish Gas Board may:

  • maintain, repair and demolish natural gas infrastructure including pipelines, terminals and pressure-reducing stations;
  • place markers to indicate the presence of pipelines;
  • impose conditions on natural gas facilities;
  • temporarily close or divert rivers, streams and watercourses; and
  • require metres to be installed to measure the volume of gas supplied.


Organisations must apply for a licence to construct or operate a natural gas facility or pipeline.

N.B. A licence may be revoked at any time.

Licence conditions

The Irish Gas Board may impose conditions on licences.

Conditions include:

  • the requirement to comply with specific codes and safety standards;
  • taking action to ensure the safety of operators; and
  • taking action to prevent injury, fire and explosion.

It is an offence for organisations to fail to comply with a condition specified in a licence.


Authorised officers* may:

  • enter and inspect natural gas facilities and pipelines;
  • inspect, repair, maintain or replace pipelines and equipment;
  • inspect and take copies of records and documents;
  • take samples; and
  • take photographs and recordings.

*An authorised officer is any person appointed by the Irish Gas Board for the purpose of enforcing this Act.


Enforcement notices may be issued to non-compliant organisations. These may require an organisation to:

  • provide information;
  • carry out a specified activity; or
  • cease carrying out a specified activity.

It is an offence to fail to comply with a notice.

N.B. The Minister for Transport and Power may recover the costs of investigation and enforcement from non-compliant organisations.



Powers and duties of the Irish Gas Board (BGÉ) are repealed, including requirements relating to:

  • capital stock and commitments;
  • subscriptions and gifts;
  • disclosures;
  • membership of either House of the Oireachtas; and
  • annual reports.

This update has no relevance to occupational health and safety matters, there are no changes to duties for other organisations.


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